LolliPop Online Slot Rating and reviews

When you play the LolliPop slot machine, Yggdrasil and its partner studio, AvatarUX, will transport you to a realm filled with cakes, chocolates, and several other delectable goodies. It’s the next installment in the popular PopWins series, which features expanding reels that increase your chances of winning several prizes in a succession if you hit a winning combination.

You can also fill up on multipliers, and if you collect enough scatter symbols, the LolliPop slot will reward you with an exciting free spins round in which you gain additional lives, symbol upgrades, and enhanced multipliers. If you collect enough scatter symbols, the LolliPop slot will reward you with an exciting free spins round.

Since it is a very unpredictable game, you can not expect to win on every single spin; yet, the overall payback percentage over the long run is 95.82 percent. If you play this slot game on your desktop or mobile device at an authorized casino, you might end up with prizes worth up to 13,000 times your initial bet.

How to Play the Slot Machine Titled “LolliPop”

When you load the LolliPop slot machine into an Apple iOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows mobile device or desktop computer, you will discover a game that is filled from reel to reel with colorful symbols set against a candy pink background. While your eyes acclimate to the bright colors, your ears will be met with a music reminiscent of a funfair, which you will either like or despise depending on your personal preference.

The lower paying symbols on the game’s five reels feature blue, orange, and pink candies in a variety of forms set against chocolate backgrounds. The higher earning symbols include candy canes, star candies, cakes, and gummy bears. During the bonus round, you may also encounter a lollipop bonus symbol that is wrapped in red, white, and gold, and more candy multipliers may show up at any time.

Even the controls have a colorful aesthetic, and when you play at one of the best online slots sites, a push on the bright blue stake button reveals 19 different betting possibilities, ranging from 0.20 to 100.00 per spin. When you open the paytable by clicking the three little lines that are located below this, you will be able to see how the brilliant PopWins method works as well as how much each symbol is worth. It is sufficient to have 3, 4, or 5 matching symbols on any linked reels in order to win a reward, with the most valued symbols returning 0.5 times, 1.5 times, or 4 times your initial wager, respectively.

The LolliPop Slot Machine Offers Free Spins, Along with Other Features

When you earn a victory, the symbols that were involved will ‘pop’ and be replaced by 2 new symbols, one of which will be put on top of the other. If you earn another win from the new combination, this PopWins mechanism will activate again. Additionally, in the base games, the reels may extend from the standard three rows to a maximum of five rows, offering you extra possibilities to win. When you get your first PopWin, you get a multiplier of 2x, and then it grows by 1x with each expansion after that, all the way up to a maximum of 6x.

During any PopWins sequence, if you collect three or more bonus scatter symbols, you will activate a bonus feature that awards you with free spins. A pre-game bet gives players the opportunity to earn more lives and higher starting reels by increasing the odds of winning. You start the round with four rows and four lives if the needle falls in the correct position on the gamble wheel. If it does, you may spin the wheel again to earn five rows and five lives. If you are unsuccessful in either gamble, the free spins will not be awarded.

During the free games, you will only see multiplier symbols with values of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 100, or 500, as well as hearts and blanks. Both sorts of symbols increase the number of rows, which may now reach a maximum of seven. Multipliers become immobile, while hearts add either one or two lives to a meter on the side of the screen. In this round, the number of rows may only increase; unlike the previous games, there is no possibility of their decreasing.

When there are sufficient instances of a certain multiplier symbol on the reels, the value of those symbols will increase to the next level. You just need to see two of the lowest multiplier, which is worth 1x, in order to upgrade it, but you must see seven of the symbol worth 100x in order to increase it to the 500x.

The feature will continue until either you have obtained enough spins in which no new symbols appear to deplete the life meter or you have successfully populated every square in the 5×7 grid.

Maximum wins, average returns, and volatility of the LolliPop slot machine

Players of Lucky Slot Games who are successful in hitting the maximum upgrades and multipliers during the bonus round have the opportunity to win up to 1,300,000 times their total bet, or 13,000 times the amount they wagered on the spin that triggered the round. Although LolliPop has a high level of volatility, the game’s average return to player percentage is just 95.82 percent, which is somewhat lower than the 96 percent or above that we want to see in highly risky games.