The Philippines’ Pixies of the Forest 2 Slot

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Players familiar with IGT’s first Pixies of the Forest slot machine will like this sequel. Everything that was great about the first slot has been brought over to the second. The slot machine follows a standard layout of 5 reels and 3 lines, but offers an unprecedented maximum of 99 active paylines. Therefore, it appears to be a generic slot machine. The bonus features, however, are the main attraction of this digital slot machine. The next step is to examine the slot machine in further detail by means of its online practice mode.

Critique of Pixies of the Second Season

A slot machine with five reels and three paylines is set up in front of the player. However, 99 lines may be played in the slot machine. Slot machine players who enjoy stories about enchanted pixies will feel right at home here. Thanks to the many playing alternatives, they will result in substantial player victories. Every player will have no trouble using the slot machine because of how user-friendly it is. Spinning the reels online is easy enough for a complete novice to play and win large money. The design is all in green, transporting the player to a mystical jungle. The music fits the theme of the slot machine beautifully, allowing the player to unwind and focus on the action. The magic concept continues with the slot’s presentation of symbols. The vast majority of them are colorful squeaks. Additionally, the symbols include common playing cards. They won’t add anything new to the experience, but it’s wonderful to see the creators consider the slot’s accessibility and popularity. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the player will be pleased with the slot’s visual presentation, as this machine has all the makings of being a fan favorite.

Gameplay of Pixies in the Forest 2

Because this slot machine does not require a great deal of time spent studying the gameplay, players may unwind and not worry about the complex control method. The symbols that players need to gather in the longest combinations appear on a field of five reels, three lines each. This is the sole means by which the player may win anything at all. The first steps are the easiest. As a result, the player is eligible for the upcoming incentives we’ll go through. The cascading reels feature is the initial perk for gamers. In this way, players acquire fresh symbols and, perhaps, new possibilities when winning combos vanish and older ones fall away. Players can also launch a scale for accumulating particular symbols, in addition to the cascade. If you get a bunch of them, you win big. The game also has bonus spins, during which the player’s earnings are multiplied by two. In addition, two further varieties of jackpots exist. They are also a potential jackpot prize in this Philippines-based slot machine.


Fans of IGT’s classic slots will be thrilled to learn that the company has developed a sequel that improves upon the original by including cutting-edge features. Even with a basic layout and user interface, the player may unlock a plethora of extras. First, the slot machine can cascade its reels, creating more winning combinations. Second, if the player fills a specific scale of symbols, he will receive an extra multiplier. This means he will activate the additional feature. Finally, if the player manages to get 5 or more scatter symbols, he will be awarded with 5-11 bonus spins. That’s why it’s great that the slot offers extra features that will make people like it all over again.